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About us

About US

GemsRatna has been built and developed by its Owners to promote the tradition of honest and most transparent trade of natural precious, semi-precious gemstones for astrological uses, healing purposes and for jewelry purposes.

In the age of digitalization, we want to provide our visitors with a unique online experience in purchasing the gemstones and related jewelry at the convenience of sitting in their living room.
We specialize in all types of Natural gemstones - Precious, Semi-precious, rough or raw stones, tumbled stones, etc.

Reasons to select GemsRatna

In today’s digital world, almost everyone is aware of the basic advantages of Online shopping. Apart from the basic advantages such as – Free Shipping, 15-Days Return Policy, World-class packaging & Express delivery services, GemsRatna provides you few more reasons to further compel you to buy from us:

  • Transparency & Honesty

    Although you can find several online stores where you can buy your gemstones; in our primary market research, we found a common thing missing in all those stores and that is - transparency & honesty. We found 98% of those stores displayed altered or edited photographs of their gemstones in such a way that it attracts you as a buyer. However, when you see them in real, they are way too different than the images.
    We, at GemsRatna, guarantee that you will not find a single edited or altered image or video or description of gemstones on our website. In case you prove us wrong in this, the gemstone you bought from us is FREE for you.

  • Technical Expertise

    We have a team, including those at the Top level, who are not only experienced in the tech & trade sector, but they are experts in their fields. We keep a close monitor on the behavior & mechanism of Online payments & transactions and we assure you of getting an easier online shopping experience every time you buy from us.

  • Customer Care

    GemsRatna Support Staff is different from the people in conventional online stores. We strive for your comfort and your satisfaction. We care for our customers like we care for our Kids. We assure the fastest solution to any problem that you come up with, related to your purchase from us. Trust us! You won’t go dissatisfied.

  • Life Long Relation

    We believe in long relationships. We would never leave you in the midst of a problem and that’s a promise. Our strength is our customer base who always give us repeat orders. Our customers love us for a reason.

  • Quality

    Most importantly, the term Quality means a lot for us. You would experience Quality in each and every step during your journey with starting from your inquiries, your products, your order processing, delivery and through your return grievances (if any).

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