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Amethtyst - the Purple Charm

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is perhaps one of the most attractive treasures available in the earth's crust. In India, if you go to buy Amethyst online or in a market, it may be called Jamuniya and sometimes Kathela in local markets of India. In South India and Sanskrit language, it is known as Jambu Mani. Amethyst is a lovely bristle gemstone which is made out of the mineral family Quartz and has a beautiful purple or violet color.

Amethyst - The Purple Charm

Amethyst is a very useful gemstone in astrology, healing as well as for jewelry making purposes. According to the Hindu Vedic Astrology, it is one of the best substitute stones of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) among other substitutes such as Iolite(Neeli or Kakaneeli) and Lapis. It represents the ferocious planet Saturn. As per Western Astrology, it is the birth stone for February month.
In healing remedies such as Chakra healing science or the famous Reiki healing science, an Amethyst or Jamuniya is extensively used for healing diseases such as nightmares, anxiety, mental stress and it is a best remedy for the Crown Chakra. Due to these benefits, the number of people who buy amethyst online in India and across the globe has increased a lot over the years.

Amethyst Ring

When it comes to jewelry, an Amethyst stone makes some beautiful and mind-boggling pieces of jewelry which gives the wearer a charm and enhance their presence in the crowd. The indifferent luster and special brilliance of Amethyst is such that it is easily noticed in the crowd. We have given it a term - "Purple Charm" because it is beautiful and it also serves as a lucky charm for those who are primarily into the professions of Oil & Mining, Engineering, Law & Mechanics. This has been proved by many reputed astrologers and therefore, it is equally popular gemstone both in India as well as outside India.

Have you checked if Amethyst will suit you or not? Hurry and check it now and get it studded in a exquisite piece of ring or pendant for the charm and warmth today. To buy amethyst stone in India, you may visit and look for the best one.

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