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Best place to buy gemstones Online

Best Place to Buy Gemstone Online




We are moving very swiftly towards a Cashless environment where almost every transaction is expected to occur digitally. This fact has shifted a lot of shopping from the 'Streets' to the 'Sites'.

Sites here refers to the e-commerce websites like -,,, etc.
Gemstone online
In this digitally vital economy, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable and habitual in buying everything Online using their Debit/Credit Cards or NetBanking facilities provided by their Banks. However, there is still a very sensitive category of products which, consumers are still not confident enough to purchase online.
Yes, Natural Precious & Semi-precious Gemstones is one category which warrants a lot of trust & reputation. The reasons behind this reluctance of buying gemstones online are: they might be fake stones; they might be used stones; they might be chemically treated & enhanced stones, they might even be artificial stones or in a worst-case scenario, consumers ordering gemstones online might end up as mislead by the seller and provided an entirely different gemstone than what they actually ordered.
But, amidst all these, there are very few online sellers whom consumers can trust and love to buy gemstones online. So, what is an ideal place to buy gemstones online? Well, here are the things you must keep in mind:
  1. Original Un-edited Photographs: The website must have very clear, un-edited pictures of gemstones from every possible angle with Zoom-in, a Zoom-out feature which works without tearing off the pixels. There are online stores which have very attractive images of their gemstones, however, beware as those might be severely edited and almost hiding all the important elements which you should be aware of, as a consumer.

  2. Showing Inclusions is Good: Those who know well about natural gemstones, are aware that there are NO natural gemstones which come without any natural mineral inclusions, especially the precious gemstones such as - Ruby, Emerald & Sapphires. These inclusions may be in form of Solid - needle-like structures, dark mineral spots, etc; Liquid-like a bubble; or Gaseous - like Cloud or Smoke like figures inside the gemstone. As a consumer, you should watch the photos carefully to examine whether the gemstone clearly shows a number of inclusions it has or is they edited.[Note: Some stores might say that very high quality of sapphires or rubies does not have inclusions. This is possible only in case of very small pieces like - 1 or 2 carats. Above these, all sizes would surely have inclusions.]. 

  3. High Definition Videos: Some websites do not show the video of their gemstones. Beware, this must be deliberate as it becomes slightly difficult to edit the video of a stone to hide the damages or inclusions. Also, the video must have a 360-degree view of your gemstone so that you get a full sight of your gemstone even before ordering it.

  4. Certification: Websites offering certified gemstones can be a trusted source to buy these gemstones online. However, please do check the authenticity of the Labs from where they have tested and certified their gemstones because there are few 'fake Labs' too.

  5. Clear Return Policy: A website having a very clear and customer friendly return policy must be trusted most while buying a gemstone online. Although gemstones are not as fragile as your groceries, their return-ability should be less as compared to other online products. Especially, if you are buying your gemstone for an astrological purpose, you should trust only those who DO NOT accept your return after 15 days of your purchase. Because if they accept yours, they must be accepting returns of very old gemstones which must be used ones from other customers too and re-selling them at discounted prices. Would you like to wear a Used gemstone even if offered at a discount? I won't!

  6. Reviews & Feedback: Before making up your mind to buy your gemstone online, make sure that you check the reviews and feedbacks of the website both: on their website, as well as in other Third party review sites like - Google+FacebookTrustPilotMouthShut, Consumer Forum, etc. An ideal consumer rating should be above 7/10 however, 8 stars or above out of 10 should be the best ones to go for.
Buying your gemstones online at will ensure all of these important aspects and you can be 100% sure of your purchase. has a unique online catalog with each and every detail of gemstones mentioned clearly along with their high-definition images and videos. They have the most professional staff members who will guide you through your problems and purchase very effectively.
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