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Why and from Where Should You Buy Your Gemstones Online

Why Buy Gemstone Online?

Gemstone is a one of its own kind of remedy for the problems that occur in human life, which is beyond any doubt, the most effective among the solutions given by an astrologer. Most of the people find these natural gemstones with high luster, great cuts and immense shine as a fascination for them. Some people are afraid of wearing these natural gems too. They think these gemstones might prove to be a bad omen for them And there are some others who don't buy gemstones just because they have budget issues or trust issues on the seller. For all such people who want to wear gemstones but are not buying it because of the above-mentioned reason, the best option is to buy it online from a reputed seller.


Why should you buy gemstones online?

Well, there was a guy named Austin in South Carolina, America who wanted to buy a Garnet - his birthstone a few years ago. He went to more than 16 different stores in and out of South Carolina and found so much difference in the prices, quality parameters, assurances, terms, and policies. After visiting those stores, he decided to check prices and details of Garnet online. He searched for many online stores and most of them were giving quality assurance, authenticity certificates, tax invoices, clear and customer-friendly replacement policies, and so on. Even with all these features, he found those online stores giving him a price pretty much lesser than the prices he was offered in South Carolina stores. He didn't buy it online because instead of trust, the cheaper price for more services sounded suspicious to him and finally after an extensive research online, he ordered a Garnet online and paid it through Payment on Delivery mode.
He received his Garnet in just 2 days and it was amazingly beautiful and no match at all to the Garnets that he saw in the South Carolina stores. He decided to give those stores a visit and ask their opinion about the Garnet he ordered online. Some of those sellers quoted its price as much as 3 times of what he paid. One of seller even claimed it to be synthetic but when shown the certificate, he changed his opinion.

That day, he realized that buying the Garnet online was a correct decision. But a question raised in his mind... What's the catch? How are the online sellers able to sell these gemstones at much cheaper rates as compared to the physical stores?

Well, here are the answers to those questions:There is no catch. The reasons why an online store is best to buy a gemstone are:

  • They generally import these gemstones directly from the mines across the globe. Hence, cutting out the dealer, wholesaler and agent costs.
  • They generally don't have showrooms to maintain as they work from offices at different locations which reduce their costs a lot.
  • They are more concerned about their online presence, reputation, and reviews as compared to those sellers having a physical showroom. Because at a physical store, if a customer is unhappy, he can influence just a few more but, when an online buyer is unhappy, he can influence more than thousands of other buyers by his comments or reviews .

Therefore, the online stores are way more trustworthy and economic when compared to other physical showrooms.

Which is the best online store to buy gemstones?

Nowadays, there is stiff competition in the Gems & Jewelry trade whether it's in India or outside. So, all the stores are competing with each other to attract as many customers as they can by offering lucrative discounts, a free add-on like rings or pendants, etc. Between all these stores, there are chances that we get confused about which store to select for our purchase. Here is a list of things you should look for while selecting a best online store to buy your gemstones without any fear:

  • People often check if an online store has a physical store or not. However, in our opinion, the world is moving towards a fully digitized environment and hence, looking for a physical store might not guarantee a good purchase. However, you must inquire about the registration information and jurisdiction in case of any future problems with the store.
  • In a busy and a hectic schedule, it often becomes difficult to directly approach a gemstone dealer or a gemstone shop to purchase a gemstone.
  • The store should be a registered company whose details must be provided on their website.
  • The store must have laid down there policies, terms and conditions very clearly on their website.
  • The products displayed on the website must have actual & realistic images (here you may note that a realistic image might not be attractive as compared to an edited image of a gemstone. Some of the stores may display their gems with highlighting all the facets (cuts) of a gemstone in a single picture, however, a professional photographer knows well that it is not quite possible to get an angle where each facet can be captured with the same intensity. This is probably done to hide any scratches, cracks or holes on those facets. Hence, be extra careful while buying gemstones from such stores).
  • In gemstones world, it is quite difficult to find a store which gives a lifetime return or replacement guarantee in case of a faulty or duplicate product being sold. Hence, prefer those sites which offer a longer period such as 30 days, 45 days or even a Lifetime replacement guarantee in case of duplicate or faulty products. [GemsRatna is a site which gives a Life Time money back / replacement guarantee in case of faulty or duplicate gemstones ]
  • It's very good practice to ask for the video of your product before the delivery so that you know what you are getting and can compare it with an actual product once you receive it.
  • Always, buy from a store which offers an original lab's certification copy for the gemstones you buy. Inquire about the lab from which they get the certification and check the details of the lab thoroughly because there are fake labs too.

But how one can trust an online shop to buy a precious gemstone when there is a question is about life, success, love, marriage, business or money.
Do you remember the days when communication with relatives and near one's was so difficult that we use to write letters and postcard? Does the same method prevail today? The Answer is NO.Why? Because we are moving towards digitalization we are leading to an area of internet electronification called E-Commerce.
Do you think by seeing the gemstones through naked eye and by taking it and watching it in your hands you can judge the authenticity of a gemstone? No. Why? Because you are not a gemstone dealer, not a geologist, nor a jewelry expert. But you do it because you want to assure yourself at a level that whatever you are buying is worth the price you are paying.

We understand that and admire that approach. But how can you get the same gemstone of best quality and clarity which is 100% Natural just sitting at home? We at GemsRatna are trying our best to save your time, energy and money to provide you best gemstone available in the market at best and reasonable price.

How can you trust GemsRatna?

There are certain policies I will list them one by one then you can judge yourself, why you can trust to buy gemstone online from GemsRatna.

  • You can certify the dispatched gemstone from any reputed gemstone testing laboratory. If the lab certifies it non-genuine we will refund the complete amount to you even the cost you will bear for the courier to return back the gemstone.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality, clarity, and luster of the gemstone, you can return it back within 15 days of purchase when it had been purchased as a loose gemstone.
  • You can order the certification from reputed government gemstone lab, at the time of purchase.
  • We also energize the gemstone on your demand before sending it to you for astrological use.
  • You can compare the prices and quality of gemstone with the gemstones on other sites and get it check with your family astrologer you will get to know which gemstone is best for you.
  • We suggest gemstone depending on weight, budget, Lagna Dasha and overall Kundli analysis whenever you order a gemstone.
  • We will send you the pictures and videos on WhatsApp or your email if you want to check it from all dimensions.
  • We always welcome your valuable feedback to improve our quality and standards as you know even the natural gemstones always comes with imperfections, it's the lapidary that makes it shine brightly.

Finally, many stores encourage you to buy your gemstone with Cash on Delivery mode of payment and most of the customers do follow their encouragement too but in our opinion, the best way for payment of your gemstones are online payments through your bank debit cards or credit cards because the banks provide extra safety of your money and you can direct your claims for a faulty product refunds through your banks.

So, next time you plan to buy or wear a gemstone, the best thing you can do is to buy it Online and from which store? Well, we hope you know where to reach now :)
The official site: GemsRatna

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