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Do Gemstone Really Work ? Gemstones Astrological and Scientific Significance

Does Gemstones Really Work?




Do Gemstone Really Work? How do they affect its wearer?



Men and women in India can be seen with various gemstones adorning their fingers. These are not just decorative or worn to match their clothes or moods. Many of these jewels have definite astrological significance. They have been acquired as advised by an astrologer, after examination of the individual’s horoscope and the positions of the stars and planets.


From Bollywood stars to politicians and businessmen most of them have shining color ring circling their fingers. Look at superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s hands. His fingers are circled by rings with stones of many colors – a sapphire, a coral, a pearl and more.


Rani Mukherjee has a yellow sapphire on the forefinger of her right hand. So has Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor. So have thousands of others, all seeking fame, fortune, and flowering lives.


Gemstones have the power – or so it is believed – to change fate or, at least, influence its effects on life. 

As indicated by the old Indian writings, gemstones channel enormous vitality and energy. It is widely believed that this energy can be made use of almost like ‘medicine’, by channeling the appropriate kind of light with the required wavelength and thereby energy, into the body that it is in contact with. The vibrations that are transmitted by this can help to restore the balance of energies and elements in the body and the physiochemistry that has been affected by any disturbances. Whether this is really effective is not yet proven, though various non-medical therapeutic methods used by practitioners of crystal therapy and gemstone treatments have shown good results. India is a vast treasure house of gemstones with rich mineral deposits found all over the country.


These have been dug for eras and their yields utilized locally and everywhere throughout the world, essentially for their enlivening quality. In any case, the convention of utilizing gemstones to work with or even endeavor to change fate is age-old in our way of life.

Vedic astrology advises the use of various gemstones as suggested by planetary configurations in the individual’s horoscope.

People believed – and still do – that wearing the gemstone of the kind and weight prescribed by an astrologer can help to overcome obstacles posed by the astrological chart. These obstacles can include problems in a love relationship to hurdles in a career or even the success of a certain venture, be it a film or a marriage.


Logic, Rationality, and Gemstones


The logic behind this is that the pattern of energy emanated by the individual directly impacts on his or her emotional behavior, thought patterns, system of logic and mental functioning; sometimes, that energy is low, its flow is blocked, or its field is disturbed, leading to imbalances in the working of the body and its various aspects, resulting in problems manifested through either physical, psychological or creative disorder.

The gem can help to focus the required wavelength of energy and direct it into the body, making it easier to remove the blocks, correct the imbalance and enhance levels of functioning. However, this is not an arbitrary correspondence between problem and gemstone. The correct use of the stones is vital; say astrologers and gem therapists.

Furthermore, it is exceptionally important to utilize gemstones of good quality – flawless stones of very high purity and fine color promote good fortune, while those that are flawed may invite bad fortune to the user.

Planetary powers are considered to be strengthened by the good quality gems by adding cosmic color, astrologically enhancing associated aspects of life and by attracting the attention of the planetary deities that rule that particular stone.


See the Gemstone Energization, Planets and Their Deities


The natural gemstones work somewhat like a radio, transmitting astral power to the wearer like a listener hears the music. The power of gems comes mainly from the Navagrahas, or nine planets, according to the ancient Asian ‘sideral’ science of astrology. They are classified broadly into two types:

  1. Hot Stone - Ruby, Red Coral, Diamond and Cat’s Eye
  2. Cold StoneTopaz, Blue Sapphire and Hessonite

Their use is carefully chosen by astrologers depending on various aspects:

  1. Raashi – or moon sign at birth
  2. Nakshatra – or constellation at birth
  3. Lagna – or rising sun
  4. Preference – this is very personal. A gemstone can be especially attractive to someone and, as long as it is not astrologically harmful or in any way negative in influence, it can be worn.
  5. Astrological advice – this is perhaps the most individual-specific of all. The astrologer will examine the horoscope cast as per the birth details of the person and analyses the effects of the positions of the nine planets. From this, the planet that needs strengthening will be determined. The astrologer will then suggest what stone – type, weight, time to start wearing it, etc. – should be used. The length of time that the stone should be worn will also be defined, depending on astrological considerations and the passage of major and minor planets through any particular house of the horoscope.


This desire to influence the planets is an age-old one. Ever since the start of civilization itself, man has wanted more than he has, using all means possible to get it. And all things shiny, colorful and sparkling were desirable possessions in themselves, giving the owner more worth, more value, more that the neighbors could envy.


In ancient times, cave people collected crystals and colored stones, believing them to hold a special magic and, often, a part of the finder’s own spirit. Some of these pieces brought luck – in hunting, in locating a new place to live, in escaping natural disaster or in finding happiness and stability. Others were associated with bad fortune – sickness, suffering, even death.

Gradually, each stone became imbued with special powers and prized or feared for their rarity and influence on destiny. And as these concepts became formalized and widely accepted, they were defined in the various ancient texts, especially in India. There is a nine-fold correspondence between man and gemstones – the human body is said to be a complex island of nine power centers or dhatus, linked with the nine main gems, or navaratnas. This is analyzed in the Tantric Sara, an important tantric scripture, which states that the use of the nine gems influences the nine dhatus and thus the individual’s psychophysical well-being. Another set of ancient texts, the Puranas, defines the gems by stories associated with them and the relationships they share with the nine planets.


According to the Puranas, each of the navaratnas belongs to one of two groups;

a)      Precious stones - Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphires, Emerald

b)      Semi-Precious - Hessonite, Cat’s eye, and coral


It is not the price or the rarity of these stones that classifies them, but the way they are used and the influence they have on the human psyche, physiology and electromagnetic aura. As with any science, exact or not, the experts know best. They advise that the most effective way to use gems is as rings, with the back of the setting open so that the stone touches the skin, or at least allows light to filter through it and into the body.

The right hand is considered to be solar and the left, lunar. Balance is maintained by wearing the gems connected with the moon on the sun hand and vice versa. And each finger is psychically connected to a particular planet and thus should be used for the corresponding gemstone. This is useful not just for health, wealth and wisdom, but also serves to protect the user from attack by wild animals, accidents, poison and the negative effects of ill-aspects of planets. But there is more to using gemstones to enhance the quality of life than just wearing one jewel or the other in the hope that things improve. All this is based on Jyotish, the science of light or Vedic astrology. This discipline has its origins over 4,000 years ago, in the pre-Vedic civilizations’ of the Indian subcontinent.


The high priests – Rishis or sages – discovered through meditation and trance states that there is a deep and abiding connection between the planets and the human body and described this in ancient texts as a way of life that every individual should ideally follow to optimize fate. This is a long-term relationship, which lasts life long, the movement of the planets affecting the person just as the lunar phases cause the tides of the oceans to change. As per the principles of Jyotish, each planet and star represent a certain kind and level of energy – it is known and proven that they have specific electric and magnetic fields. Vedic astrology adds that they also emanate their special cosmic color, which in turn generates a particular energy that has a particular influence that pervades the cosmos. As these colored and thus specifically energized rays are transmitted through space and time, they give off heat, light, magnetism, and electricity, which have an influence on all life.


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