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Gemstone for Heart : Can gemstones be helpful for heart related problems and issues ?

Gemstone For Heart

The marvelous minerals which are crystallized at the earth's crust, popularly known as 'Gemstones', are used for different purposes like - making ornaments, antiques, astrological jewelry, home or office decorations and finally for Healing some curable and incurable diseases.

Gemstone for heart

The healing community across the globe continuously keeps on researching and discovering more and more such useful gemstones and crystals for healing different diseases and deficits that occur in a human body. The crystal basically used for the purpose of healing different diseases are termed as 'Healing gemstones' and these gemstones have been in use from the centuries as remedies for ailments to encourage health, inner peace and overall prosperity Fit body is one of important prerequisite for success and happiness.
Different civilizations like Egyptian, Greeks and Aryans have used and worn these healing gemstones. According to their mythology these stones have great power and vibrations that can affect a person at different levels of consciousness.

Heart is one of the most vital organs in humans that works as a pump to regulate blood across different parts of the body. Its proper functioning is very significant for a healthy life.

Due to today's stressful, busy & irregularly scheduled life, the number of people affected by heart & blood circulation related issues is getting hiked year by year and according to recent reports, there are approximately 35 million heart patients in India and over 2.5 million heart related surgeries are carried out in the country every year. As per Coronary artery diseases report about 600,000 people in the United States die from heart diseases every year . Every year, 715,000 Americans have heart attack. Fifteen percent of people who have a heart attack will die from it.As per World health ranking survey, India ranks 39 in top countries with people affected with high rates of coronary heart diseases. Death rate in India with people suffering from heart diseases is 138.38 per 100,000. India is the populated country so one can imagine death rate due to heart diseases.

Heart rate diseases

Healing crystals for heart problems are among the most searched items on the Internet which shows that people are curious to know the gemstones for heart problems & crystals for heart palpitations.

Although, wearing crystals or gemstones for healing the heart related problems is a very good way to get rid of these problems but keeping in mind the severity and seriousness of heart issues, we suggest that first of all, one must take a medical advice and follow the prescriptions & medication suggested by qualified Medical Practitioners or Surgeons . Relying on gemstones can be considered as a later option.

In case one decides to wear a gemstone for curing the heart problems, the best way to wear is in a pendant which would keep the gemstone really close to the heart chakra.

Best gemstones for Heart Problems

  • ROSE QUARTZ (Gulabi Spatik)

    This beautiful mineral crystal with light pink shade of color is made out of the mineral family Quartz. Rose Quartz are available in both Cabochons as well as Faceted types. They are considered to be very effective for Heart Palpitations, blood circulation and cardiac Arrhythmia . Its pink color which is due to the presence of the ions of mineral Dumortierite makes it capable of keeping the heart cool and stable even in the most emotional moments of our lives. It helps in improving blood flow, reducing pressure and stress by providing good sleep & relaxed mood of the wearer.

    Roze quartz

    Best Rose Quartz gemstone for heart health is the one having very few to no visible inclusions in it.

  • RUBY(Manik)

    Ruby is one of the most precious gemstones in the earth's crust and is also one of the Nine main gemstones used in astrological context in Vedic astrology. It is the red to pinkish red portion of one of the hardest mineral families known as Corundum. It gives the wearer the warmth, valor and vitality of Sun. It is believed to have powers to heal the ailments arising out of the blood circulations, blockages or any other heart related issues.

    Ruby Manik gemstone for heart related issue

    Best Ruby gemstone for the heart is considered to have no treatments in it with good to very high transparency and the color as much closer to Red as possible.

  • TIGER EYE (Cheeti)

    Tiger Eye is one of the best substitutes for Ruby and is one of the most commonly used healing gemstone by the healing community. One of the medicinal uses of Tiger Eye gemstone is that for heart regulation and functionality. It is a type of chalcedony crystal which is easily available in the domestic and international gemstones market. It helps regulating heart beats, pulse, purifying blood & circulating it across the organs. It is also used for Heart Chakra under the Chakra Healing therapy.

    Ploshed Tiger Eye

    Best quality of Tiger Eye gemstone for heart related ailments would have a spotless and crack-less surface with sharp chatoyancy effect (a distorted ray like effect which is formed on the surface of a stone when light falls on a particular area of the surface having presence of some mineral inclusions).

These are the most commonly used crystals and gemstones for heart health. There are some other gemstones too which are considered as useful for healing heart related issues however, they are not as extensively used as the above mentioned gemstones, these are Amethyst (Jamuniya or Kathela), Rhodolite, Citrine (Sunehla), Pearl (Moti) and Garnet (Tamara) gemstones.

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