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Buyer's Guide

Educate yourself about Gemstones:

With our exclusive GemsRatna Buyer's Guide, we wish to make our customers educated and empowered to take an informed decision about buying or investing in a gemstone or a gemstone studded jewellery. In this section, you will find answers for almost all your questions about gemstones like - How to wear a Gemstone, day-time-procedure to wear it, Mantras to recite while wearing a gemstone, best quality of a gemstone, best origin of a gemstone, etc.

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1. All about Ruby (Manik)

Who should wear Ruby (Manik) gemstone:

Ruby (Manik or Manikyam) is a pink to reddish pink color natural gemstone made out of the natural mineral family Corundum found under the earth’s crust. Only The Reddish Pink color of Corundum is referred to as Ruby (rest of the colors are named as Sapphires and Lotus color is called Padparadscha stone). Ruby represents Sun which is the source of all energies in our universe.

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Which quality of Ruby should I wear:


This is perhaps the most important question when it comes to buy a Ruby gemstone. In our opinion, the first and foremost factor to be considered before buying your Ruby stone is the purpose for which you are buying it

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Which Origin of Ruby is best

Origin of Ruby should be taken as a part of the clarity check only. If you get a very clear Ruby with beautiful red color which is mined from any part of the world, it will be effective but..

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How to wear a Ruby (Manik) gemstone:

Ruby (Manik) is one of the most precious gemstones in the earth’s crust and it also represents the planet Sun (Surya). It is believed to have powers to provide wealth, success, leadership skills, power and health to its wearer if worn with full dedication, faith and by following correct procedure. Following is the best procedure to wear a Ruby.

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About Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone:

Who should wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone: 

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, blue is the color emitted by the planet Saturn (Shani). Hence, Blue Sapphire is associated with planet Saturn (Shani). Saturn is the lord of signs Capricorn and ...

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