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Gemstones for Career and Professional Success

Gemstone for Career

It is a cruel and competitive world out there, isn't it?

In this competitive world, everyone without any exception, want to outdo and succeed over others. We do every bit of given tasks every day or even go few extra miles sometimes to achieve a stronger position in our career, business, profession or work.

Sometimes, with these efforts, we need the luck to favor us to achieve those goals. In today's dynamic world, what else can be considered as a lucky charm than a suitable powerful gemstone for career luck which, astrologically and metaphysically give us strength, power and luck to fulfill our destinies and desires?

Gemstone for Career

Today, we are discussing few most powerful gemstones for career success.

  • Red Coral(Moonga)

    • Corals are the marine vertebrate skeletons which are finished, polished and cut to use as a gem in a ring or a pendant.
      Astrologically, Coral is associated with the planet Mars (Mangal). Mars is considered to be the planet of passion, the planet of warriors and the planet for giving valor, courage, and strength. Mars, according to the Vedic astrology, represents the warrior part of a human nature.

      Moonga Stone gives immense physical strength which ultimately leads to a successful career

    • If Mars is strong in a horoscope, the native is often seen as successful in his/her career, business or profession. Especially those who are engaged in physical activities like - Farmers, Military Personnel, Police Force, Mine Laborers, etc, must check and consider wearing a Red Coral (Moonga). It gives immense physical strength which ultimately leads to a successful career. .

  • Emerald (Panna) Gemstone

    • Emeralds are the beautiful green gemstones cut from the mineral - Beryl. Emerald represents planet Mercury (Budh). Mercury is the planet of wisdom, the planet which is considered to be a representative of immense intelligence, knowledge, sharp thinking and communication .

    • By wearing an Emerald, one can strengthen the positioning of Mercury in the birth chart or horoscope. When one starts thinking intelligently, communicate smartly and take decisions sharply, no one can stop him/her from getting success. Emeralds are very beneficial for those who are studying for competitive exams, for those who are aspiring a career in Law and those who are aspirant of taking up the field of media relations.

    • Emerald is one of the best gemstones for business success

    • Emerald is a very fine gemstone for students as it provides focus and a good memory to the wearer.

    • Emerald is one of the best gemstones for business success.

  • Ruby (Manik) Gemstone

    • Ruby is a fascinating Red to pink color gemstone from the mineral family Corundum. Ruby is associated with planet Sun. Sun in a horoscope, is believed to control the soul of a human native. It brings out your confident side to the world.

    • Ruby attracts people towards the wearer. It is an attention seeker's stone. It is best suitable for aspiring politicians, administrators, group leaders, managers & businessmen . It encourages self-esteem, boosts the self-confidence and improves heart functioning of the wearer.

    • Ruby Gemstone best for politicians, administrators, group leaders, managers & businessmen

    • Ruby is one of best career gemstones as it enhances the wearer's decision-making skills and leadership qualities.

  • White Opal Gemstone

    • Opals are the bristling shining gemstones mostly imported from Australia. Its lordship is with Venus (Shukra) in astrology. Opal has a soothing effect on the wearer.

    • It enhances the wearer's beauty, make him/her attractive in the group and it gets you the attraction you want in the crowd. Venus gives the native intelligence, attractiveness, and attentiveness. It helps in bringing out the hidden talents or improves the inherent talents of the wearer.

    • Opal Gemstone

    • White Opals are best gemstones for your career especially, if you are an artist, actor, or if you are in the field of glamor, painter, dancer or a singer .

  • Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone

    • Hessonite or Gomed is an orange-brown color gemstone with great luster. It is a type of Garnet. Hessonite is associated with the shadowy planet - Rahu (the dragon's head) . A strong Rahu, particularly during its Mahadasha period, provides every possible material happiness to the wearer.

    • Wearing Hessonite during such period keeps the good effects of Rahu alive. Hessonite gemstone is significantly beneficial to those who work with technology, computers, software, machinery, etc .

    • Hessonite Gomed Stone

    • It is considered as the most suitable gemstone for Pilots, Mechanics, Electronic Engineers, Doctors, and Scientists. In particular, a special variety famously known as 'Gaumutra Gomed' which are translucent and not transparent but has a unique hue of color matching to that of Gaumutra (Cow-Urine) are most beneficial for astrological results.

So, these are five most suitable and helpful career gemstones which can enhance the results of your efforts towards gaining fame, money, and success in your profession.

Just remember to wear natural, untreated and certified gemstones for best results and keep doing good karma so that the gemstones does not diminish their effects while you wear them.

Enjoy a Successful life ahead!

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