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Gemstones : Garuda Purana and Gemstones




India was known as ‘golden bird' from the medieval time's, many invaders and conquerors were lured to India because of its abundant raw materials and availability of precious stones. India was a global trade hub precious stones and Gold. Gold and precious stones were first found in the lands of India. Even old scriptures and Vedic astrology describe the importance and use of gemstones.

Garuda Purana is one of the important Scripture that contains many Shlokas that describes different gemstones, their test, characteristics and testing methodologies. Garuda Purana describes various kinds of rituals, spiritual practices, methods and mantras about the death and birth cycles. Even the famous Vishnu Shasranaam have been derived from Garuda Purana. It describes Vastu, Anthropology, human nature, Astrology, Gemology, Shaligram worship rituals, Yajnas and other important spiritual practices.


Garuda puran and Gemstones


Garuda Purana describes about important gemstones :


Vajra - Diamond

Mukta – Moti

PadmaRaag – Ruby

Markat Mani – Emerald

IndraneelMani (IndraNeelam) – Blue Sapphire

Vaidooryam Mani – Cat's Eye

PushpraagMani – Yellow Sapphire


According to Vishnu Purana and Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana, Bali, the grandson of Prahlad was a great king of the demons. With a resolution of dethroning Indra as the king of heaven, Bali organized a hundred Ashwamedha Yagyas. On the appeal of Indra, Lord Vishnu decided to stop the hundredth Ashwamedha Yagya of Bali and arrived there in the guise of Vamana (a dwarf Brahmin) and begged him to donate land measuring three steps. In two steps, Lord measures entire earth and heaven. Since there was not room than to put the third step, Bali offered his head for the Lord to put his third step. Thus, Lord Vishnu sent Bali direct to the Paatal & offered him to rule the Whole nether World. With the touch of the Lord's foot, Bali's earthly body converted into Gem stones.

Bali body parts converted into different kinds of minerals and felt all over at different landmasses, sea, and mountains.

Vajra or Heera or Diamond: It originated from the pieces of Bali's brain.

There are different kinds of diamonds on basis of colors like Green, white, yellow, black, purple, pink, brown. These colored diamonds contain impurities that cause their color. A pure diamond that contains very fewer impurities is often transparent.

According to Garuda Purana, diamonds with crack or a broken diamond, which contains spot in center and opaque, are not favorable to be used as a gemstone since they bring bad luck and misfortunes to the wearer. Diamond is a stone of planet Venus. There are many shreds of evidence in the history that shows the diamond have positive and adverse effects on humans. Manu diamonds like Kohinoor, Culinen, King Oiroff are very famous in human history. As per Vedic astrology, people with Ascendant house Aries should wear coral, those with Ascendant house Taurus should wear diamond. It will be beneficial for the people with Taurus as their ascendant house to wear diamond. People with Ascendant house Aries should not wear diamond and emerald. Many experts forbid even blue sapphire for these people. But they believe that if the position of Saturn is strong in the horoscope, such people can safely wear blue sapphire.

Diamond, blue sapphire, and pearl are strictly forbidden for the people with Leo as the ascendant house.


Diamond is the main stone from Navratna and is a stone of Venus hence recommended to worn on any Friday. Time of 11 a.m. on any Friday during the darker phase of the month is the most auspicious moment for wearing diamond. Diamond is especially beneficial in the silver ring. It can also be worn in the platinum ring but never in gold or other metals. Diamond remains effective for about seven years. If the diamond is worn during Bharani, Purva Phalguni or Purva Sharh Nakshatra, it gives extremely beneficial results.


Mukta - Moti or Pearl: It is believed to have originated from the mind or Manas of Raja Bali.

Moti is for planet moon and can be used by all without any thinking and astrological adverse effect as it gives the positive result only. Best day suitable for wearing Pearl is Monday. It can be worn in the silver ring in mornings of Monday during Shukla Paksha.


PadmaRaag or Ruby:  It originated from the Heart of Bali, hence it has red or pink color 

Luster, transparency, and presence of cracks or spot decide the quality of ruby. A ruby with flaws could have side effects to the wearer like depression, anxiety, loss of money and misfortunes.  Ruby is called the king of gemstone and a good flaw less ruby (without spots, cracks, and good luster ruby) can bring tremendous benefits to the wearer. Ruby gemstone is mostly found in pink color. Best rubies are mined from Burma and In Burma, it is very difficult to mine ruby due to lack of proper infrastructure and tools. Human labor is extensively used while mining hence they are very costly. Moreover, the ruby mining in Burma is done under the supervision of Burmese Army. Apart from Burma Rubies are also mined in India, Sir Lanka, Brazil and the United States.  Ruby also belongs to Navratna category and is a stone of astrological body Sun. In Sanskrit and Garuda, Purana ruby is termed as Padmaraag and Kuruvind while in Urdu it is called as Surkh Yakoot. Ruby is second hardest mineral after diamond. A person who has Leo as his ascendant house in his horoscope must wear ruby.


Markat Mani or Emerald originated from the nervous system of demon king Bali. Emerald is found basically green in color and used for planet Mercury. The best quality emeralds are mined from South American countries, Columbia and Brazil. Experts in gems are inclined to say that the following types of emeralds are of good potency: Emerald that has dark green color or the color of a spring meadow, a soft glow, that is not highly complicated (referring to inclusions), hewn in different ways and appear to be stuffed with gold dust (still referring to very small inclusions); emerald that is endowed with qualities of shape, even shade all over, sufficient heaviness and shoots diffusion of light when sun's rays fall on it" (Garuda Purana, 71.12-15).

People with Ascendant house Gemini or Virgo must wear Emerald. For Ascendant house Taurus, Venus is the ruling planet of this house. It will be beneficial for the people with Taurus as their ascendant house to wear diamond. But such people may also wear blue sapphire for Saturn and emerald for Mercury. They may also go for the various combinations of these gemstones. Ascendant house Virgo: Mercury is the ruling planet of this house. Hence the people with Virgo as ascendant house must wear emerald. Some experts, however, believe that such people may also be benefited from pearl. Ascendant house Libra: Venus is the ruling planet of this house. Hence the people with Libra as the ascendant house must wear diamond. Apart from it, they may also wear and reap benefits from blue sapphire and emerald. Ascendant house Pisces: Jupiter is the ruling planet of this house. Hence the people with Pisces as the ascendant house must wear topaz. They may also wear pearl. Some experts suggest that such people may also wear ruby and emerald but the beneficial influence of these two gems is doubtful.


Emerald is the stone of Planet Mercury hence It should be worn on Wednesday. It should be worn in gold or silver but the wearing of it in bronze or an alloy of two metal gives best and quick results.  If it is worn during Ashlesha, Jyeshtha or Revati Nakshatras on Wednesday after proper worship at about 11 a.m., it proves especially beneficial. Emerald should be worn on the little finger of the right hand.


Indraneel Mani or Blue Sapphire originated from the eye of King Bali.  Blue sapphire has both positive and negative effects depending upon the Horoscope of a person. It is found in countries like the United States, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other countries but the sapphire found in Kashmir province of India is the most beautiful and highly expensive. In Urdu, it is called as Yakoob or Kabood. Blue Sapphire is associated with planet Saturn. This gemstone is a stone of planet Saturn hence it should be worn on Saturday. On any Saturday during darker phase at the time of 12 pm, is the most auspicious time for wearing blue sapphire. It is mostly recommended to wear it on the middle finger of your right hand. Sapphires can be worn in gold, silver or Panchdhatu.


Vaidooryam Mani or Cats Eye originated from the Yagyopavit (sacred thread) of Bali. Cat’s Eye belongs to Chrysoberyl family and is useful for the fearful person. This stone is available in white, brown, black and lime color and appears with a light effect of cat’s eye. It is worn to please the shadow planet Ketu. In Sanskrit and Purana like Garuda Purana, it is called as Vaidooryam and Vidalaaksh while in Gujarati it is called as Lahsuniya and in Bangla, it is called as Sutra Mani. This gemstone can be worn on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. On any of these days during the darker phase of a month, evening time is the most auspicious moment for wearing Cat’s eye. Cat’s eye is beneficial only if worn in silver or an alloy of five metals. It remains effective for about three years. If it is worn during Ashwini Magha or Moola Nakshatra cat’s eye proves especially beneficial.  If Ketu is present in the ascendant house or in the third, fourth, ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth house or in Sagittarius in conjugation with Mars, Sun, Jupiter or Venus, one should wear cat’s eye.


PushpraagMani – Yellow Sapphire PushpraagMani or Pukraj as per Hindu mythology originated from the flesh of King Bali. This stone is associated with Planet Jupiter. It has other names also like Pushparaj, Peet mani, in Gujarati it is known as Peeluraj, in Arabic and Persian, it is called as Jard Yakoot and Asper.  It is extremely expensive, rare and enchanting gem. Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone of planet Jupiter. The gemstone yellow sapphire eradicates lethargy, heaviness, improves liver disorders. Yellow Sapphires found in Sri Lanka are considered to be best quality gemstone for astrological purposes. According to Garuda Purana, Yellow Sapphire also resolves the problems of marriage like delay in marriage, problems in marriage and other obstacles. 


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