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Hessonite must have a gemstone for every professionals

Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite must have a gemstone for every professionals

Yes, that is true. In India, generally, Hessonite or Gomed is considered more as an astrological gemstone representing the planet Rahu and it is true that Hessonite represents Rahu according to the Vedic astrology. But what is more important to understand is that Rahu, as per the Vedic astrology, is a negatively positive planet for all those who are working especially in technology driven tasks such as information technology, engineering, construction, doctors, lawyers, and any such profession which includes the use of technology and logical thinking.

Hessonite Ring

Traditionally, it is believed that a Gomed gemstone can only show its results during the dasha or mahadasha (planetary phase) of Rahu in a person's life. We agree to this point and yes, Hessonite is most effective during the Mahadasha of Rahu which is 18 years in a life time. However, it does not mean that the Hessonite or Gomedh stone will not have any effect in other dashas or mahadasha. The reason behind this is that Rahu, as per the vedic astrology, becomes more powerful when it is placed alone in any house of horoscope. Which means a stronger Rahu will help the native win over the enemies and tough situations. Rahu is also considered to be a giver of logical yet clever thinking which is the most demanding quality in most of today's professions ranging from construction, engineering to lawyers. In other words, to be on top of every situation which seems to turn out negative for a person, wearing a Hessonite gemstone is always good to acquire a positive position.

Hessonite is a part of Garnet mineral and is available in different qualities and varieties. A special variety of gomed called Gau-mutra Gomed which literally means 'Cow-urine Hessonite' is believed to be the most effective of all. It has a translucent cow-urine like texture and color which gives it this name and is best effective in astrological perspective. A clear or transparent hessonite would be better if one can afford it.

So, to summarize, Hessonite is definitely a gemstone for Rahu Mahadasha but it can also be worn by anyone who are in a profession which includes logical and tactical clever thinking.

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