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How you can energize the gemstone? Ritual need to be followed before wearing any gemstone

Gemstones Energizes




This question, in our opinion, is like - "Is there any need to wash and clean the fruits and vegetables before cooking and eating them?"

Pratishtha pooja


Some elder astrologers suggest that a pooja or a pran pratishtha pooja is required before wearing a gemstone to energize the gemstone. Some even say that without this pooja, the gemstone will be a dead stone and will not give any result.

We take a logical view in this matter. We do believe that doing certain pooja and procedure is very important and desirable before wearing a gemstone for astrological purposes. But in our views, it is not to energize the gemstone but to purify that gemstone and remove all the negative energies from it (if any).

Just like we wash the fruits and vegetables before consumption to remove any bacteria or unhealthy substances from their surfaces.

A gemstone travels through a lot of hands, machines, vehicles, packages, etc during its journey from a mine to the wearer. Some of those are mining, cutting, packaging, testing, cargo, etc. During these procedures, there are chances that the gemstone may get some negative energies transferred to it. Therefore it is very important to purify it and make it ready to give only the positive results.

We follow the below-mentioned procedure to purify the gemstone and it is one of the easiest ways to energize or purify your gemstones:

1. At the time specified as best to wear the gemstone by your astrologer, after taking a shower, light up your temple's lamp (Diya or Jot) & Dhoopbatti at your home and sit facing towards east.


2. Take a small bowl or a pooja pot (ideally made of Silver or Copper) and put the gemstone-studded ring or pendant in that bowl.

3. Now, add 1-2 spoons of the following to the pot or bowl in the same order as given below:

  • Honey (Shahad)
  • Ghee
  • Unboiled Milk
  • Tulsi leaves, and
  • Ganga Jal (Holy water)



4. Pour Ganga Jal in a manner that the ring or pendant is completely dipped in the water.

5. Once all the above-mentioned things are in the bowl or pot, close your eyes and fold your hands in a praying position.

6. Recite the mantra associated with the planet 108 times.

7. Open your eyes and remember your favorite lord (Ishta-Dev) for seeking his/her blessings for the rest of the life.

8. Take out the ring or pendant from the bowl and clean it using water and cotton cloth. In case of the ring, wear the ring on the index finger of your right hand.

The mixture remaining in the bowl or pot is called 'Panchadravya'. It is considered to be a very good fertilizer for plants. Hence, you may pour the remaining mixture in a flower pot in your home balcony or terrace.

These are very easy to perform procedures by anybody.

To know the specific mantras and procedures for your gemstone or to know which gemstone to wear, contact us at +91-78388 74188 or email us at


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