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Indonesian Rudraksha

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Rudraksha which is considered to be as Lord Shiva's tears holds a very sacred and mythological significance in Indian culture. It is believed to be one of the best astrological and healing remedies for many problems and diseases of human life. 

What is special about Indonesian Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is the seed of a fruit that grows on 'Elaeocarpus ganitrus' commonly known as an E.Ganitrus tree. It is the seed that takes the form of Rudraksha which contains a power of many elements like - Copper, Iron, Manganese, etc. Rudraksha from Indonesia has a unique blend of dark to medium dark brown colour which gives it high aesthetic value.

How does a Rudraksha work?

Rudraksha is believed to show its best effects during the night in presence of the moon. It is best effective when worn as a single piece in a pendant, bracelet or as a string (mala) of 108 beads. 

Rudraksha is believed to be attached to different human emotions. Some of the great psychologists have defined that human has about 84 different moods and emotions which, according to the Vedic astrology and also as per the science, are controlled by the Moon. There are 21 different types of Rudraksha based on the faces (Mukh) on it. These 21 different rudrakshas are classified and distributed among all the 84 moods of human life equally in a manner which makes 1 type of rudraksha suitable for 4 different kinds of human emotions or mood.

When worn after proper guidance and consultation, rudraksha becomes really beneficial and fruitful for its wearer.

Rudraksha Prices in India:

Indonesian Rudraksha is available at very reasonable prices in India. 

Indonesian Rudraksha that is mostly found in Java region, may cost from INR 100 to INR 1,50,000 per piece depending on the number of faces (mukhis).

Where to buy the best rudraksha online?

Most of the online and offline stores display Indian or Indonesian Rudraksha as Nepalese Rudraksha and charge you more than the actual price of your rudraksha. A very common example of this mislead is the display of 'Half Moon' or 'Cashew' shaped One-Mukhi Rudraksha as Nepalese Rudraksha whereas, the truth is that One-Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal are always round in shape and are very rare and expensive. 

When you buy Rudraksha from GemsRatna, you get an authenticity certificate from a trusted Rudraksha testing lab authorized by Government of India. This certificate would also contain the information about its origin and whether it is natural or synthetic. Apart from this, GemsRatna offers (not 7-days, neither 15-days nor 30-days return but) a Life Time return, refund and replacement policy in case you get it tested from another Government of India run lab and you find any duplicity or inaccuracy in the rudraksha or certificate that you received. 


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