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Benefits of Red Coral (Moonga) Stone - Best Explained

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

By now, you must be aware what are the red corals and from where these are extracted. So, we are not going to discuss those topics.
Here, we want to highlight the benefits of wearing this beautiful sea gemstone so that whoever among you are planning to wear a Coral ring, should know what to expect from it.
Benefits of Red Coral
  • Red Coral (Munga) represents the ferocious planet Mars (Mangal) and hence, the first benefit to highlight is that it eradicates all the malefic effects of Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosha . This is known as Kuja Dosham or Chovva Dosham in South India. Many saints and astrologers across the nation have found Red Coral (munga ratan) highly capable of eradicating and controlling the ill-effects of Manglik Dosha (especially for female natives). Manglik Dosha is believed to be nullified by wearing a Red Coral ring or pendant by the female natives .
  • Secondly, Mars is considered to be the royal warrior who is best with courage and confidence. Hence, wearing red coral is believed to enhance the confidence and give immense courage to the wearer in order to come out of messy or miserable circumstances in a quick time . Therefore, if a person is surrounded by many problems such as enemies, debts, diseases, etc, red coral can provide him/her the courage to fight against them and come out from the situation.
  • Red Coral's chemical and mineral composition has powers to increase the physical and mental strength of the wearer. Nowadays, we see a lot of people struggling with their lack of confidence and the society sometimes label them as cowards and incapable. Wearing a ring studded with Red Coral in a manner that it touches the skin in such situation is the best gift one can give to self. It will boost confidence and would make the wearer feel courageous.
    Red Coral
  • Due to the above powers, Red Coral gemstone is most suitable for those professionals who are indulged in physical work such as Army, Athletics, Sports, Farming. Apart from these, Mars is also considered to be associated with Earth in Vedic Astrology . Therefore, the Munga nag or the red coral stone is the luckiest charm for those who are into the property or real estate business.
  • As we mentioned that red coral provides mental strength in addition to the physical strength, it has the capability to control the anger and temperamental issues in human beings. Some astrologers may say that Moonga increases the aggression in human beings and which is true. But please do not get confused between 'Anger' and 'Aggression'. It is always better to be aggressive about your goals, motives, and life. Therefore, by wearing red coral, one may feel more aggressive towards the work they do however, it does not increase the anger. It controls it rather.
  • Since the red coral enhances the physical strength of a human, it also increases the sexual desire and may be very useful for unhappy or dull sex life. Hence, many astrologers suggest the inactive partner in a married couple wear Red Coral which increases the strength and desire for love .
  • Red Coral gemstone is also believed to have powers to protect from evil eye or black magic. It is hence, used by many occult providers to remove the effects of black magic or evil eye from the natives.
  • There are few medicinal properties of the red coral gem. It is very helpful in preventing the diseases related to blood. It can control high blood pressure. It is also considered good for diseases of blood vessels, heart and blood cells .

Apart from these, there are many more benefits of this natural beautiful red coral gem. In order to know how and whether this gemstone would benefit you or not, you must check with a professional and experienced astrologer in your city who can check your horoscope and tell you whether it is suitable for you or not. Once you know its suitability, you can go ahead and order this red coral at the most economic prices online at GemsRatna or message us at +91-78388 74188.

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