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Moonga Stone Price In India

Red Coral Stone

Moonga stone price in India

A beautiful red colour gift of nature in a soft and delicate form is the mineral called Red Coral. It is found beneath the sea and is one of the top secrets of the nature.

Red Coral or Moonga stone is perhaps one of the most in demand gemstone as it is usually used for many astrological as well as healing purposes. As per a recent research by an International Gem Association, over 20 million red corals are consumed by individual buyers in a year worldwide. This huge demand gives rise to a threat of duplicate and false trade practices across the globe. Therefore, it is imperative that a red coral, especially when bought for astrological or healing purpose, should be bought along with an authentic gemstone testing lab's certificate and a guarantee by the seller.

Red Coral Ring

While purchasing Red Coral, the most important challenge that a customer faces in the local market is the Price of Red Coral (Munga) stone. In this article, we want you to understand the aspects on which the price of Red coral gemstone is based on and what would be the most competitive price for your red coral.

In India, two types of Red Coral stones are majorly liked by the customers and astrologers. First choice is always the Italian Red Coral with few customers giving more preference to Red Corals which are light in colour as compared to Italian Red Corals.

Since there is no point in discussing the wholesale price here, let us understand the retail price and its aspects. The actual retail price of Japanese Red Coral in India should start from Rs. 2,000 per carat and may go upto Rs. 20,000 per carat based on its quality and size. Italian Red Corals should cost between Rs. 300 per carat to Rs. 5,000 per carat.

Aspects determining Red Coral pricing:

  • Colour Deepness:

    Red Coral, as the name suggests, is available in different shades of red starting from very light orangish red to deep dark red colour. The deepest red colour corals are generally known by the name of "Ox Blood Red Coral". Such red corals are the most expensive ones.

  • Scratch Free Surface:

    Red Coral Stones are one of the soft and delicate minerals which are very much prone to scratches or pits when they come into contact with other minerals or corals in a lot. Therefore, it is quite difficult at times, to find corals with smooth and scratch free surfaces. Moonga Stone with lesser pits or scratches are more expensive as well as more effective in astrological and healing sense.

  • Origin:

    Majorly, the red corals which are extracted from Italy and Japan are popularly traded across the globe. In particular in India, those from Italy are more popular as they possess better colour and texture as compared to Japanese corals.However, since the availability of Japanese corals are fewer in comparison to Italian ones, Japanese corals are more expensive and hard to find.

  • Weight and Size:

    Weight (in ratti or carat) and size (in mm) of Red Coral gemstone has a significant impact on its price. In India, the Moonga stone weighing upto 7 ratti (6.30 carat) are available at a lesser price however, if one buys the similar quality red coral of above 6.50 carat (or 7.25 ratti), then the price may go up by 20-30% or even more in the same quality. In case the weight of Red coral is above 20 carats, the price would almost be 4 times the general price.

Now, based on these factors, we, at GemsRatna, have tried to simplify your purchasing decision by categorizing the red corals into different price groups.

  • Standard Quality Red Coral Stone

    A Standard quality of Red Coral which can be considered for healing and astrological purposes starts from Rs.500 per carat .This quality of red coral may have few pits and scratches visible clearly. Colour of such corals are also either not consistent throughout the stone or is a very light shade of red colour. In large sizes, Standard quality may also cost upto Rs.900 per carat.Japanese Red Corals are at Standard quality starts from Rs. 3,500 per carat.

    Standard Quality Red Coral

  • Medium Quality Red Coral

    The red coral or moonga which have slightly better color and have less spots or scratches on their surface are classified as Medium Quality which may cost between Rs. 1700 to Rs. 2400 per carat based on the size. This is our most frequently purchased red corals as they are both effective as well as economical for the common purchasers.

    Medium Quality Red Coral

  • High Quality Moonga Stone

    The High quality red corals are those which have OX Blood red colour, spotless and scratch-less surface. This quality in India, starts from Rs. 3,500 per carat for Italian Red Corals whereas, Japanese corals are available in High quality from Rs, 10,000 per carat.

    High Quality Japanese Red Coral

Apart from this, one must also be aware that some sellers, in order to attract more business, try to sell red corals at a price very less than what is mentioned above. In those cases, do ask for their certification and a guarantee period so that you can double check its authenticity by testing it from your trusted gemstone testing lab of your choice and keep only if you are satisfied by its authenticity. Red Corals available at less prices are most often synthetic or duplicate which may not have any impact in terms of astrological and healing purposes.

At GemsRatna, we thrive for your confidence and trust. This is why, we do not sell any gemstone without Lab authentication and a 15-days return policy for our customers. In case of synthetic or duplicate red coral received, GemsRatna offers a lifetime money back policy.

For more questions related to Red Corals, Price of Red Coral in India, Correct pricing of Red Coral (moonga) stone online, or process for ordering a red coral online, do reach our support team either by email at or by messaging or calling them at +91-78388 74188.

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