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Care for Pearl Gemstone : How to Care and Clean for Pearls

Pearl Cleaning Care

Gemstones are basically mineral compound and their hardness is determined by a factor called Mohs scale. The Mohs scale is a mathematical value that is calculated using the relative density of the gemstone. It is the measurement of the relative ease or the difficulty by which a mineral can be scratched by another mineral.

For example, the Talc has Mohs value 1 hence is it the softest mineral. The Mohs value determines the hardness of the mineral. Similarly, Diamond whose Mohs value is 10 is considered to be the hardest mineral and cannot be scratched by other minerals that are why it is used for cutting and drilling the hardest metals. Corundum has a Mohs scale of 9 and is considered as the second hardest mineral available in the earth crust.

Mohs Hardness Mineral Name
1 Talc
2 Gypsum
3 Calcite
4 Fluorite
5 Apatite
6 Feldspar
7 Quartz
8 Topaz
9 Corundum
10 Diamond

Pearl which is a salt of calcium could be nomenclature as calcium carbonate ranks 2.5 on the Mohs hardness Scale, which it is soft as Gypsum and can easily be scratched. Hence, a proper care is required for pearls and their jewelry.
Due external factors like aging, dehydration, the pearl becomes rough and fragile. High heat causes the fading of the cultured pearls and also causes splitting and cracking. Pearls are also vulnerable to several chemicals and acids. They are also affected by hair spray, perfumes, cosmetics and even perspiration.
Pearls are also dyed and colored to give them various looks for the jewelry purpose.

Pearl cleaning care

Measures while Wearing Pearl Jewelry

  • Pearl should always be cleaned using warm, soapy water.
  • If the pearl is strung, make sure the string is completely dry before wearing.
  • The cultured pearls always need to be wiped smoothly and softly with a clean cloth.
  • They never should be kept on top of or next to other gems in a jewelry box. Store them in a jewelry pouch.
  • On the off chance that a pearl neckband is frequently worn, as it ought to be, a portion of the pearls will always be in close contact with the lady's skin on her neck at the shoulder line. Pearl pendants don't generally have such consistent contact with a lady's skin. The pearls in the jewelry will step by step ingest acid from the skin and the acid will gradually eat into the circular pearl.
    After some time the pearl won't just lose its shine, yet will progress toward becoming barrel-formed. You can moderate this procedure by wiping the pearls with a delicate fabric subsequent to wearing them.
  • Avoid pearls to come in contact with hairspray, perfumes or cosmetics.
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