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Red Coral (Moonga)

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Red Coral Gemstone

Coral Stone is a gorgeous sea gemstone which is a marine invertebrate found in tropical or semi-tropical sea-water or ocean beds. Scientifically, this gemstone is known as Corallium Rubrum.

Red Coral is available from dark red to bright red color. Sometimes, coral stones are available in orangy red color which is referred to as ' Sindhuri Moonga ' by many renowned astrologers in India and is considered as a rare quality of Moonga.

Red Corals have different names according to different regions

In India, Red-Corals are commonly known as 'Lal Munga' Ratna. 'Moonga' or 'Munga' is its Hindi name.

Apart from Moonga, in eastern states of India like West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam, red coral is known as 'Lal Prabal' or 'Rakta Probal' which means coral of blood red color. In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, red corals are famous with the name of 'Pagadam' or 'Pagadalu'. In Tamil language, it is known as 'Pavala' or 'Pavalam'.

Red Coral is called 'Pavizham' or 'Paviyam' stone in Malayalam and 'Havalada Kallu' in Kannada language. In Marathi and Gujarati, red coral gemstone is termed as 'Parvala' or 'Parvalun'.

Outside India, red coral stones have so many different names such as Arabic people call them as 'Almarjania' or 'mrjan'; In China, they call red coral as 'Hóng shānhú'; in French, red corals are known as 'Corail Rouge'.

Why to Wear a Red Coral Gemstone?

As per the ancient Vedic Astrology, Red Coral is the only gemstone that represents the ferocious planet of our universe 'Mars' which is called Mangal Graha or Kuja in India. Mostly, Munga ratan is worn by people having Manglik or Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosham in their horoscope. Wearing a Red Moonga stone in Gold or Panchadhatu metal is the best remedy for those who are Manglik and are waiting for a good marriage alliance for a long time.

Apart from this, Mars has the lordship of astrological signs - Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Vrishchik). Hence, people born in the Lagna or ascendant of Aries or Scorpio signs can wear the munga Ratna as their birthstone or life stone.

Along with these two Lagnas, natives born in the Lagnas of Cancer (Kark), Leo (Singh), Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen) can also wear Red Coral stone. This is because, the planets Moon, Sun, and Jupiter (lords of the above mentioned four signs) have a friendly relationship with the planet of Red Coral i.e. Mars or Mangal.

List of Moonga Stone Benefits

  • Red Coral is the stone representing the warrior planet - Mars (Mangal). The Mars is considered to be a 'Senadhyaksha' or 'Senapati' or 'Head of Warfare' in Vedic astrology. Hence, it gives courage, valor, and energy to overcome any difficult situation in the wearer's life.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - gives courage, valor, and energy to overcome any difficult situation

  • It boosts our inner strength and carries away our fear and hesitation to perform our tasks.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - helps us to carries away our fear and hesitation

  • Red Munga also generates a power which strengthens our mental health and helps in keeping our focus intact.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone strengthens our mental health and helps in keeping our focus intact

  • Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone strengthens our mental health and helps in keeping our focus intact.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - enhance the aggression towards our works and performances

  • This gemstone would definitely enhance the aggression towards our works and performances and at the same time, it may also control over aggressive part of the wearer.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone is best gemstone for career, which enhance the working ability and energy

  • Red Coral is considered by many astrologers to be the best gemstone for a career. Few astrologers relate Saturn (Shani) with the career houses, however, according to us, Shani (Saturn) is the 'Karma-Phala-Daata' which means Saturn has control over the results of our efforts. But the actual 'Karma-Karaka' i.e. the one who performs the Karma is related to Mars. Hence, wearing a red coral gemstone should enhance the working ability and energy.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - best to remove black magic, evil gaze

  • According to some occult sciences, the Red Coral gemstone is also considered best to remove black magic, evil gaze etc.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - is also beneficial in reducing the malicious effects of Mangalya Dosha

  • Red Coral stone, as mentioned above, is also beneficial in reducing the malicious effects of 'Mangalya Dosha' or the hurdles in getting married (especially in case of female natives).

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - help in recovering from huge debts

  • The moonga stone can also help in recovering from huge debt and placing the wearer in a better position in a long term.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - help in the completion of any unfinished tasks

  • Red Coral should also help in the completion of any unfinished tasks with timely and logical efforts And apart from all these benefits, wearing a lal moonga stone can also increase some of our extreme desires including but not limited to the sexual desires.

    Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - increase some of our extreme desires

Healing Nature of Red Coral Stone (Moonga Stone)

In addition to being one of the most effective remedies for Manglik dosha and other astrological aspects mentioned above, a Red Color Munga Ratna can also be used for healing or various human body disorders or problems. Here are some of them:

  • Red Coral stone represents the blood circulation in our vessels. Hence, it can treat all disorders related to blood and its flow inside our bodies. Some crystal healers suggest red coral stone for regularizing the blood pressure and to purify the intoxication present in the blood.
  • Munga gemstone is also considered as an absorbing material of all negative energies and vibes around its wearer.
  • Red Coral gemstone increases the energy flow in our body which helps us stimulate our work performances and also treats mental depression to a huge extent.
  • It is also one of the best gemstones for Base Chakra or Root Chakra in the Chakra healing concept. The base chakra is associated with our root or 'grounding' to the earth and is associated with all our survival instincts and self-preservation. It takes care of our bones, teeth, nails, spinal cord, anus, rectum, prostate gland, blood and cell building.
  • Red Coral helps to increase metabolism and make a person feel energetic and enthusiastic.

Who should wear Red Coral Gemstone / Moonga Stone?

Red Coral stone is most suitable for those who are indulged in works related to Land or Earth (such as realtors, real estate, property deals, construction, etc). This is because,in Vedic astrology, Mars or Mangal planet is also referred as 'Bhoumeya' which means 'Son of Earth'.It also suitable for those who are involved directly or indirectly in tasks which require huge physical strength like an Athlete, a Sportsperson, an Army man, a Police office, a farmer, etc.

Italy alone has been the largest provider of Gem-quality Red Corals in the world for a long time. Italian Red Moonga is also famous as the most effective red corals for astrological purposes as they carry a unique dark red color texture on their surface naturally.

How to Wear a Red Coral Stone?

  • Which finger is best to wear Red Coral? Or Red Coral Stone wearing finger?

    The Vedic astrology has assigned the ring finger (Anamika), as the best finger to wear the red munga (coral) ratan.

  • Which hand to wear Red Coral gemstone? or Red Coral Stone wearing hand?

    It is most effective to wear the red coral stone on your active hand. Active hand means the hand that you use for most of your daily routine work. So, if you are a right-handed person, you should wear the moonga stone on the ring finger of your right and vice versa.

  • Which metal is best for Moonga Stone or Pagadam?

    The best metal to set the Moonga Stone should be selected based on the nature of purpose for which you are wearing the coral. If you wear it to increase your energy, passion, workability, aggression in sports, then the best metal is a red color metal such as Copper. If you choose to wear a red coral stone for controlling your emotions, anger and mind fluctuations, then the best metal to wear your red coral is a cooler metal like Silver or Platinum. However, if you are looking to wear it for removal of marriage-related hurdles or Mangal Dosha, then the best metal to wear your munga stone is hot metal like Gold or Panchaloham .

  • What should be the ideal weight of Moonga Stone if wearing for astrological purpose?

    For astrological purposes, the best suitable weight of Red Coral stone should be found by dividing the body weight of the wearer by 10. For example, a person weighing 60KGs should wear a red coral of 6 carats or above (60Kgs / 10 = 6 carat).

  • Best Procedure to wear a Red Coral gemstone

    On a Tuesday of Shukla Paksha or Gaura Paksha (Waxing Moon) period in morning during the sunrise between 5:30 am to 7:30 am, take your red coral ring or pendant and place it in a clean and empty bowl.
    Now, add Panchadravyas (Five Sacred Elements) in the following pattern one by one to the bowl – Starting with: GANGA JAL (Holy Water),TULSI LEAVES (Basil leaves), MILK, HONEY & GHEE (Butter). Mix them together in the bowl with your finger and keep the bowl in front of you.

    Close your eyes and recite the Mantra Close your eyes and recite the Mantra || Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaaye Namah || 108 times and pray to Lord Hanuman and Mangal Deva to give you the endurance, power, will to work hard & prosperity.

    Open your eyes and take the ring out of the bowl. Dip it in another bowl of clean water and soak it in a cotton cloth piece and wear it.

    Note: Please do not throw the mixture of Panchadravya in the dump. Rather, pour it in a flowerpot or Plant pot as this mixture is considered a good fertilizer too.

What is an Ideal Price of Red Coral (Munga) Stone in India?

Whenever we go to buy red coral gemstone at a local market or if we search to buy red coral (moonga) online, we can notice that, just like all other natural gemstones, it is very difficult to differentiate and standardize a quality parameter for Red Corals as there can be thousands of types of classification possible for each parameter. However, based on our research and education of our expert gemologists, we have tried to classify Red Coral stones into five different quality categories on our website and accordingly, their prices are changed. Some of the main components or quality measurements that we took into consideration are:

  • Color

    Corals are available in various colors starting from White, Grey, Blue, Pink, Orange and Red. The redder is a coral, the more should be its value and price in the market. Most of the red corals available in high quality in the industry today are on a scale between Orange and Red. Sometimes, they are referred as 'Orangy Red' or 'Orangish Red' corals. Beware! As some of the local sellers apply a thin layer of red color dye, paint or polish on pink or grey color red corals which would ultimately take its original color over the time.
  • Cleanliness

    Most of the red corals available today, are with spots, scratches or small patches or pits on their surface. Some of them are cracked or chipped out. Such corals are considered as lesser value and should be less effective for astrological purposes. A high-quality Red Coral should have a clean surface which is: Spotless, Crack-less, Pit-less and Scratch free.
  • Carat

    Carat means the weight of a red coral stone. 1 Carat is equal to 200mg. The size or the weight of a Red Moonga stone would also affect its price. Generally, red corals weighing up to 1.50 grams (which means up to 7 carats) are available at less price as compared to the larger sizes. In India, different gemstone sellers have adopted different methods of selling red corals according to their weight. Mostly, red corals are sold in Ratti weight and not in Carat. 1 Ratti is equal to 182mg approx. Although most of the gemstone sellers are still selling corals based on Ratti, we believe that Ratti measurement is an older practice and it should be replaced by the newer and more reliable weighing scale of Carat. Mathematically, 1 Carat = 1.10 Ratti
  • Shape

    Shape of the corals also have a huge impact on their prices. Red Corals are sold in different shapes ranging from Capsule or Bamboo, Oval, Round Button, to Triangular. Almost 75% of the total corals sold across the world are Capsule or Bamboo shaped; another 8-10% constitutes the Oval and Button shape; 5-8% corals are sold in Triangular Shape (which are also called Tikona Moonga or Trikon Munga in Hindi) and remaining amount of corals are sold in round or other shapes.
    Hence, the corals in Oval, Button, and Triangular shapes are available in high price as compared to other shapes.
    • BASIC

      Our Basic quality Red Corals may have visible patches, dark color spots, few pits, and scratches. Sometimes, clean red corals with more pinkish color are also sold as Basic quality. The prices of our Basic quality Red Corals starts at INR 399 per carat.

      The Standard quality Red Coral is the quality better than the Basic ones. Standard quality Moonga will have less number of spots, pits, and scratches and will have better hue of red color in them. Our Standard Red Corals starts at INR 499 per carat. Corals weighing above 7.00 carat may start at a higher price of around INR 899 per carat. Depending on the shape, a Standard Quality Triangular Moonga may cost around INR 1,499 per carat and if the corals of Standard Quality are sourced from Japan, then the price can go above INR 3,499 per carat.

      Our Standard Plus range of Red Corals have very few scratches and that too either at the back side of the stone which touches your skin or on the sides of the coral which can be very well covered by the metal while setting them in a piece of jewelry such as a Ring or a Pendant. The prices of Standard Plus Red Corals starts at INR 1,099 per carat.

      d) MEDIUM

      Medium quality natural red corals would not have any easily visible spots, patches or scratches on the surface and the color would also range from Orangy red to deep red color. Price of Medium quality Red Coral stone starts at INR 1,699 per carat and in larger weights, it can cost around INR 2,299 per carat.
    • HIGH

      A high quality certified red coral should score high in all the possible parameters of quality of red corals. It must be spotless, scratch-less, deep and consistent color, without any patches or irregularity in its shape. These High-quality red corals are considered as best effective for astrological purposes. The price of such high-quality red coral (moonga) starts at INR 3,499 per carat and may go up to INR 5,999 per carat. In case of Japanese Munga, i.e. Sindhuri moonga, the price of a high-quality range may start at INR 9,999 per carat .

For a well-informed decision, you must also consider viewing the multiple sample pictures and high definition videos of these different classes of quality to decide which red coral stone to buy for best results simultaneously fitting in your budget or the pocket spending size.

FAQs related to Red Coral Gemstone

  • Comparison between Italian and Japanese Corals:

    Italian Coral Japanese Coral
    Availability: Italian Corals are available in huge amount. Availability: Japanese Corals are available in very fewer numbers in the International Gemstone Market.
    Price: Italian Red Coral prices starts from INR 399 per carat in basic quality and may go up to INR 3,999 per carat Price: Japanese Red Coral prices starts from INR 3099 per carat in basic quality and may go up to INR 11,999 per carat
    Astrological Effects: Italian Red Corals are considered more effective by many astrologers in India because of its deeper red color. Astrological Effects: Japanese Red Corals are considered best by few astrologers who are in an opinion that the color of Japanese Moonga which is 'Sindhoori Color' or 'Kesariya Color' is related to Lord Hanuman who, according to the Hindu Mythology, rules over the planet Mars.
  • Which quality of Coral Stone is best for astrological purpose?

    For best astrological effects, it is always recommended to wear a Spotless, Crack-less and Scratch free Coral Stone. Such corals are available in our 'High' quality. However, if you have a lower budget, then you can wear a 'Medium' quality. In any case, one should not select a quality less than 'Standard' quality (which is available at Rs 499 per carat+ on our website). The higher the quality of your coral Ratna, the better and faster would be the results.

  • Why is Japanese Pagadam Stone expensive than Italian Red Coral?

    The Japan origin Red Corals have a unique rare hue of orangy red color which is popularly known as Sindhuri Moonga Stone in India. But this is not the reason why it is expensive than Italian Moonga. Some sellers sell Japanese red corals at unbelievably high prices by quoting this logic. However, the actual fact is that the supply of Japanese red corals is very less as compared to Italian ones. Therefore, Japanese corals are high priced.

  • Who should wear the Triangular Red Coral (Tikona Moonga) stone?

    Triangular Moonga Stone is also known as 'Lakshmi Moonga' in India and it is considered to be beneficial especially in wealth accumulation. There is no factual evidence of using Triangular moonga in Vedas or ancient texts, however, some astrologers have seen fabulous results on natives whom they advised to wear the Triangular Red Coral. There might be two logic behind this as per our research. First, the house which denotes the traits of Mars like Courage, Valor, Energy, etc is the Third house which might be one of the reasons why corals have three sides are considered more powerful and secondly, the position of the planet Mars in the Navagraha (9 - planets) system of Vedic Astrology is also Third. However, to reiterate, there is no written evidence of using Triangular corals in any ancient texts. It must have been evolved as a trend in recent times.

  • Which Mantra should be recited while wearing the Red Coral or with Moonga Mala?

    || Aum Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaaye Namah ||
    || Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum ||

    Any of the above Mantra to be recited 108 times

  • Which gemstones are best substitutes for Moonga Stone?

    The best astrological substitutes for Red Coral gemstone are: Carnelian (Raat Ratua) and Bloodstone (Rakta Mani). Carnelian is also known as Red Jasper in some markets. Red color Onyx is also a substitute for Red Moonga stone.

  • What are the Scientific or Gemological Compositions of Red Coral?

    Mineral Species of Red Coral stone - Calcium Carbonate
    Chemical Composition of a Coral (Munga) - CaCO3
    Hardness on Red Coral on Moh's Scale - 3.5 to 4.0 out of 10.0
    Specific Gravity - 2.65
    Relative Density - 3.86

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