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Wearing A Gemstone : An Essential Remedy to Strengthen Planet In Birth Chart

Wearing A Gemstone Remedy

An expert astrologer might have the capacity to foresee terrible circumstances and misfortunes effectively. Yet what great is it for, if something is impossible to deflect the mishaps and terrible circumstances?
A doctor not only recognizes the disease one is suffering from but recommends medications to cure it. Can we do the same thing in astrology?
Healing measures are the measures that are taken to cure the unfortunate circumstances that a native is going through or is relied upon to experience.

The pattern to be followed by one’s life is decided at the time of one’s birth by planetary position then, which is in turn decided by the karma (actions) accumulated in past lives. However, it only decides the basic ‘pattern’ and not all the minute details. Though the basic pattern cannot be easily altered, the exact details can be altered by exercising free will.
Actions taken by one's free will have a role, alongside the amassed actions (karma) of past lives, in choosing the correct points of interest. Therapeutic measures are the measures we take in order to manipulate the exact details to be relatively favorable to us.
Now, the remedies that we can opt for can be classified as

Common-sense Remedies

After Wearing Gemstones get commonsence

When we anticipate good happenings, we can afford to take a few risks. On opposite hand, we can take additional precautions after we assume unhealthy happenings. If an accident is possible in a period, we can drive very cautiously or maybe keep away from the tour if possible. If quarrels with authorities could be viable at a certain period, one can be extra careful and consciously try to restrain oneself. In this manner, we can take common-sense precautions to avert or to scale back the impact of, the horrific events expected.

Pacifying Planets

Solar Sytem

According to Vedic astrology, we are able to pacify a planet displaying the malefic outcomes. There are 4 methods using which we are able to pacify a planet
Good Actions: By committing good deeds, by performing righteous actions we can pacify planets.
Planetary Propitiation: By reciting the mantras and stotras of the planet, we can pacify them. Mantras are combinations of sound and syllable when recited in a proper manner and at right time can produce beneficial spiritual waves and creates a positive aura. Stotras are hymns from Vedas in praise of planets deities.
Propitiation of Deities: By propitiating various deities, we can pacify diverse planets.
Wearing a gemstone: This works most effective for planets that are favorable in a one’s horoscope. We can put on the gems of such planets to guard us.

  • Good Action

    After wearing gemstone generate good havit like donate money

    One can pacify planets via accurate deeds. Good deeds of this existence can make amends for the sins of past lives.
    One can commit a good deed in an area ruled by a planet to please it. Some examples are listed underneath:

    • To please Sun, one may go to a temple or donate money to a temple or help within the management or administration of a temple.
    • To please Moon, one may donate money to a music institute or assist a truthful lady.
    • To please Mars, one may engage in a bodily workout or donate money to a local gym (Akhada).
    • To please Mercury, one may donate money to an organization of scholars or get blessings from a scholar.
    • To please Jupiter, one may respect and donate money to a learned Brahmin or a priest. Or one may donate cows to a priest.
    • To please Venus, one may read poetry or assist a poet.
    • To please Saturn, one may perform some physical labor or help some people who live on manual labor (local majdoors).
    • To please Rahu, one may donate some money to a research organization or go on a pilgrimage.
    • To please Ketu, one may do meditation. One can also give away (as charity) the grains ruled by different planets, to propitiate them.

    Sun rules wheat, Moon rules rice, Mars rules toor daal (a dark yellow lentil), Mercury rules moong daal (smaller yellow lentils of a lighter shade – they have a dark green skin), Jupiter rules chick peas, Venus rules a whitish grain, Saturn rules sesame seeds and Rahu rules black gram daal (white lentils with a black skin).

    For example, one can please Jupiter by giving away a big bowl of chickpeas on a Thursday morning.
    Fasting is also a famous remedial measure. Fasting on the weekday ruled by upapada lord in birth chart, for instance, diminish problems in one’s marriage. Fasting on the weekday ruled by rajyapada lord may lessen troubles in career and profession.

  • Propitiation of Planets

    We can propitiate planets by reciting mantras and stotras. Mantra is a combination of sounds with a special strength to produce beneficial spiritual waves within us. A mantra should be recited with a correct pronunciation and intonation. Some mantras do not have any intonation, but the pronunciation of sounds must be perfect.
    Some saattwik mantras are self-correcting, in the sense that one reading it will eventually be forced to learn the correct pronunciation and intonation.
    Some other mantras can produce bad outcomes with improper recitation. So, one must be careful with mantras. These days, people misuse the term “Mantra” and refer to many stotras as mantras. Stotras are hymns in praise of planets and God. There is no correct intonation to read a stotra and devotion is important when reciting a stotra. Recitation of a stotra gives results very slowly.
    As lagna is the most essential house in a chart and lagna lord shows the vitality of the chart, one may additionally worship the planet owning lagna within the divisional chart representing the vicinity of life that one wants to improve.
    There are distinctive mantras for propitiating planets. In addition, there are kavachas, stotras and 108 names of all planets. One popular mantra of each planet is listed below. One should read the stanza given first a few times and then repeat the basic mantra thousands of times. The recommended repetition count is also listed. The weekday dominated by means of a planet is ideal for repeating its mantra.

    NOTE: The stanzas and mantras are being given best in Devanagari script utilized by Sanskrit and Hindi languages. Those who cannot read this script ought to seek advice from a expert astrologer or a Hindu priest to research those stanzas and mantras.
    There are many other mantras and you may talk over with other books for the info. When reading a stotra, xdevotion is of extreme importance. When studying a mantra, devotion in addition to the right pronunciation is crucial.

  • Propitiation of Deities

    propitiation of deity

    A listing of usually advised deities for each planet is given in Table below:

    Planet Deiety
    Sun Shiva, Rama
    Moon Gauri, Lalita, Saraswati, Krishna
    Mars Hanuman, Rudra, Kartikey, Narshima
    Mercury Vishnu, Narayan, Buddha
    Jupiter Hayagreeva, Vishnu, Dattatreya, Guru
    Venus Lakshmi, Parvati
    Saturn Vishnu, Brahma
    Rahu Durga, Narshima
    Ketu Ganesha
  • Wearing a Gemstone

    Gemstone ring

    One can put on the gemstones of favorable planets to get the advantages of those planets and tide over issues. We look at the useful benefics in one’s rasi chart and prescribe their gem stones. If a planet’s dasa is running or if a planet is taking part in a favorable yoga, we may choose that planet. Wearing the gemstone of a planet speeds up the fructification of the good results promised in a chart by that planet. If one wants good results in a particular area of life, he may strengthen favorable planets in the relevant divisional chart. If a functional benefic is badly placed or weak, its gemstone can still be used. On the other hand, gemstones of functional malefic in a chart should be avoided as far as possible. In addition, the gemstones of marakas should be avoided when one is running maraka dasas.

    The ring has to be worn for the first time at the weekday of the planet. The planetary strength should be right at that time. The planet ruling the gemstone should be robust at that time. We can integrate two gems and put on them if the corresponding planets are pals and functional benefices. This is specifically advocated whilst the two planets shape a yoga.
    Suppose someone has lagna in Virgo. If 10th lord Mercury and 9th lord Venus are together, they form dharma-karmadhipati yoga. A ring consisting of emerald and diamond may be advised.
    Similarly, if Sun and Moon conjoin in the chart of a person with Aries lagna, they form a raja yoga and a ring with ruby and pearl may be recommended.

    Traditionally, astrologers assign the index finger to Jupiter, middle finger to Saturn, ring finger to Sun and little finger to Mercury. Traditionally, gemstones of Mercury and Venus are worn on the little finger; gemstone of Saturn is worn on the middle finger and so on. However, some astrologers suggest that the ring finger, middle finger, little finger and index finger show the four purushaarthas – dharma, artha, kama and moksha (respectively). They suggest wearing a ring on the finger representing the purushaartha of interest.

    One desiring marriage may wear the ring of his 7th lord on the little finger. One desiring good results in career may wear the ring of a yogakaraka in his middle finger and so on. Index finger represents moksha and it is usually left ringless.

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