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Who should wear Pearl (Moti)?

Who should Wear Pearl Moti




Pearl is one of rarest material found beneath the sea or ocean beds inside a shell of the mollusk. How to make a pearl has been, so far, an extreme secret of the world. Real natural pearls are so rare that now, the human has started culturing or farming of the Mollusks in a part of the sea or even in a pond or lakes to extract Pearls out of them. 


Pearl (Moti) has the shine, color, and shape similar to those of a Moon. Hence, it is believed to represent the Moon as per Vedic astrology. Moon is the Lagna Lord (Lord of Ascendant) for Cancer or Karka Rashi. Therefore, Pearl is the birthstone for Cancerians
Planet Moon is considered to be a peaceful & gentle planet according to astrology and represents the mood or mindset of the human. Hence, the most important impact of wearing pearl as a gemstone is the Mindset of the wearer. Wearing a Pearl gemstone bestows clarity of thoughts, peace & stability of the mind
Pearl is also considered as the best remedy for people suffering from high depression, any kind of phobias, epilepsy, mood swings or high blood pressure. 
Apart from Cancer, people who are born in following Lagnas (Ascendants of) can also wear Pearl (Moti): Aries (Mesh), Libra (Tula), Scorpio (Vrishchik) & Pisces (Meen).
All other ascendants must consult with a professional astrologer before wearing Pearl.
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