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Which Rudraksha Is Best For Me ?
Rudraksha, as its name suggests, is believed to be formed by "Aksh" of "Rudra" means the Tears of Lord Rudra or Shiva. Mahadev Shiva, as we all know, is the lord of Aadi (the beginning) and Anth (the end). Therefore, his blessings are important for all human beings to survive on this earth from the beginning of their lives till the end.
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Best Procedure For Wearing A Gemstone

On the selected day & time to wear your gemstone, take your ring or pendant studded with the gemstone and place it in a clean and empty bowl.

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Gemstone for Leo : People Born Under Zodiac Sign Leo

Leo (the indication of the Lion) is the fifth indication of the Zodiac, affecting individuals conceived between July 23 - August 23. The Fire indications of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are related with activity, enthusiasm, and vitality. Joined with different components, fire feels that earth will cover it, water will suffocate it, and however, air will fan and breathe life into it.

gemstone for leo

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5 Most important Gemstones for Marriage Related Problems, Delay, Compatibility and Love

The late relational unions may happen where there is a slight malefic impact to the seventh house, seventh master, and Venus other than having benefit impacts to the above which supersede malefic impacts.

gemstone for marriage

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Gemstones : Garuda Purana and Gemstones

Garuda Purana is one of the important Scripture that contains many Shlokas that describes different gemstones, their test, characteristics and testing methodologies. Garuda Purana describes various kinds of rituals, spiritual practices, methods and mantras about the death and birth cycles


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9 Lucky Gemstones Based On Numerology and Birth Date

Numerology trusts gemstones transmit constructive energies and assimilate pessimistic ones and the gemstone which would suit a man. Numerology believes that gemstones can help a person to remove all the negativities around him and can help him to bring positivity, fortunes and good vibrations.

numerology and gemstones


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Do Gemstone Really Work ? Gemstones Astrological and Scientific Significance

Do Gemstone Really Work? How do they affect its wearer?

Men and women in India can be seen with various gemstones adorning their fingers. These are not just decorative or worn to match their clothes or moods. Many of these jewels have definite astrological significance. They have been acquired as advised by an astrologer, after examination of the individual’s horoscope and the positions of the stars and planets.


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What are the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire and ruby together?

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is associated with Jupiter (Guru) while Ruby (Manik) represents the Sun (Surya). The Combination of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby gemstones together is generally considered as a good one because both these planets share a friendly relationship with each other in Vedic astrology however, not all ascendants get beneficial results from this combination of gemstones.

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Gemstone for Heart : Can gemstones be helpful for heart related problems and issues ?

Healing crystals for heart problems are among the most searched items on the Internet which shows that people are curious to know the gemstones for heart problems & crystals for heart palpitations.

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Which is the most powerful gemstone that attracts money and brings wealth? Which stone should i wear for money?

Gemstones and crystals have been worn by humans since very ancient times. They were worn as an amulet, or a talisman by the travellers during their voyages. Today, we find people wearing these crystals and gemstones studded in a finger ring, pendant or a bracelet. The wearing method have changed but not purposes and one of the most common purpose of wearing a gemstone is to attract money or wealth.

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