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Free Gemstone Advisor

Prescribing a Gemstone is one of the most vital tasks in Jyotish Shastra (Astrology). The utilization of Gemstone is likewise embraced by Shastras, for example, Garuda Purana which gives expand portrayal of the way of the gemstones and their utilization.

Despite the fact that gemstone utilize is a standout amongst the most prominent wellspring of solutions for all ills of the material world, may it be well-being, riches or fortune, it is full of numerous misguided judgments and wrong ideas of their choice and remedy. This gemstone recommendation tool will help you to choose the correct gemstones.

Ideally, a Gemstone Recommendation should be based on the following factors :

  1.      Lagna– The Ascendant or the Rising star in the Eastern Horizon at the time of birth,
  2.      Planetary positions, aspects (drishti) & dispositions in various houses of the Birth Chart,
  3.      Dasha – The planetary period or phase going on, and some more minute observations.

We, According to the planetary position, Dasha, Lagna and an overall analysis of your Kundli (Horoscope), will suggest the best gem(s) for you.


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